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Radar sensor

Unique technology

Sense and Avoid System

RAN Systems has developed a unique, radar based sense and avoid module that allows reliable obstacle detection in any weather conditions, night and day. It is perfectly suited for drones as it is miniaturized and consumes very little power. This is due to the used, proprietary silicon integrated circuits that allow very compact form, light-weight design of a radar sensor at 10 GHz. Effective detection is possible at the distance of few hundred meters, depending on the obstacle size, be it anothe drone, tree, mast, wall, or a small sport-type plane.

RAN Systems controls technology from A to Z, delivering silicon ICs, antennas, electronics design as well as advanced signal processing algorithms and software. Digital beam-forming radar operation is employed.

Miniaturized radar sensor

Proprietary silicon integrated circuits

Very low power consumption

Digital beamforming radar operation

Proprietary base-band and microprocessor control

AI-enhanced radar signal processing algorithms

Full IP portfolio: ICs and system solution

All-weather operation

Detection range 100 – 500 m

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Signal processing results

RAN Systems develops advanced signal processing algorithms, also employing Artificail Intelligence methods to enable effective obstacles detection based on radar signals in any weather conditions - fog, clouds, rain and at night. The developed schemes and procedures allow detection of other drones or small, sport-type planes that might be moving on the collision track or earth-bound obstacles as trees, walls, fences and construction masts. Precise distance and angle of the obstacle is delivered along with its speed if it is moving.

Portfolio of 10 GHz ICs

RAN Systems employs proprietary silicon ICs which are inherently consuming little power and are very compact form.
E.g. a complete front-end of a 10 GHz FMCW radar is integrated in a single IC, which is mounted in QFN package and its size is 3x3 mm. It consumes below 300 mW of power while operating. At 10 GHz, a whole porfolio of ICs is available which allows to construct miniaturized radar sensors, also with digital beam-forming operation to alow scanning of space ahead of the drone. The ICs are produced in SiGe BiCMOS technology.

X band FMCW front-end


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